Charles C. Malloy (Chas.)

A subject matter expert in commercializing advanced technologies in new or mature markets. Global experience and expertise with a highly developed strategic and tactical approach to Success Escalation & Accomplishment.


A 21st-century thinker, Global Business Development & Strategy Executive with over twenty years of experience in digital business performance enhancement.

Successful ReNewable-NRG Tech & NRG economics participant since 1998. With a strategic network of renewable energy partners globally in Wind-Solar Hybrid, NRG Storage, Bio-Fuels. Engineering, Wave NRG, Passive Homes, Design-Build Contract Manufacturing.

Chas. Malloy possesses the exceptional combination of technical expertise and pragmatic business sense, critical components necessary to succeed in the global business market

Chas. isĀ NRG21C’s Founder & ManagingĀ  Partner.